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Cesare Ragazzi Custom CNC 3D Printed Hair Replacement for the Most Natural Looking Hair in the World

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Cesare Ragazzi CNC 3D Printed Custom Hair Replacement for the Most Natural Looking Hair in the World

  • CNC is an individualized medical hair & scalp prosthesis that utilizes 3D Cam Scan Technology to recreate the exact contour of your scalp for a seamless look and fit. Every detail of a CNC hair prosthetic is engineered to work for you and your lifestyle.
  • CNC is an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically tested, full or partial hair prosthesis that restores the look of natural hair.
  • The ONLY worldwide hair prosthesis  which gives you the possibility to live a full active life, including swimming and high impact sports.
  • Each phase of the designing process for a CNC prosthetic is done with the utmost precision and care.
Phase 1. – Evaluation and Qualification

The first step is to determine whether the CNC prosthetic is a good match for your type of hair loss is by measuring its progression and matching the look you are trying to achieve without compromising your lifestyle. At this time, a patch test will be performed to ensure that there are no negative reactions to the medical grade material that are used in the prosthetic and adhesives.

Phase 2. – Scalp Mapping

Our Certified Technician creates a detailed map of your scalp and alopecia areas. This ensures a perfect fit and a natural looking hairline.

Phase 3. -Cast Production

We make a cast of the top of your head to precisely capture the contours of your scalp. This cast will provide the blueprint that CRLabs will use to create your custom hair prosthesis.

Phase 4. – Cloning and Pantone Matching

A physical clone membrane made of medically engineered material is created at CRLabs with 3D-printing technology. Thanks to the cast from Phase 3, the result replicates the exact shape, lines, and pantones (color) of the scalp.

Phase 5. – Hair Matching and Selection

Hair Production Specialists meticulously select strands of high-grade, unprocessed European human hair that matches the color and texture of your own hair.

Phase 6. – Implanting

Each strand of hair is implanted individually by hand into the membrane, mirroring the original direction of growth established by your natural pattern that was mapped out in Phase 2.

Phase 7 . -Placement and Styling

Your Certified Technician at Profiles By Kristin will adhere the CNC membrane to your scalp. Your new hair is then professionally cut, blended, and styled to complete your transformation.

Phase 8 . -CNC System Fully Integrated

Once attached, your new hair can now be exposed to your regular lifestyle, this includes activities such as swimming or sports. You will receive ongoing care under the guidance of your dedicated Certified Hair Loss Technician.