Medically Related Hair Loss: Understanding Trichotillomania Hair Loss Solutions

I Have Trichotillomania. What Can I Do?

Hope for Those Suffering from Trichotillomania

The hair loss professionals at Profiles by Kristin understand the sensitivity and emotional issues attached to the frustration you experience with your hair. We offer a number of solutions and services to help end some of the stress and anxiety that you experience on a daily basis.

Our caring professionals can help you so that you can resume your daily life with confidence. Our private facility and non-judgmental staff will help you decide what treatment and service is best for you, so you can regain your daily life, confidence, and self-esteem.

Hair Additions and Hair Prosthetics

When using a certain type of hair addition, we can prevent access to the areas in which the client desires to pull. This creates a barrier, so the client can no longer get to the area they desire. In most cases, the client will not begin to pull in new areas and some have also overcome or significantly reduced their urge to pull.

Please feel free to come in for your free, private complimentary consultation to speak to one of our Trichotillomania hair loss specialists.  Live your life on your terms again. Call us today.