Hair loss, Baldness, Thinning. Discover Effective, Proven Solutions for Hair and Scalp Problems

CRLab Trichological Hair Loss Treatment

Through understanding the science of the scalp and the follicles, it’s possible to reverse the conditions that contribute to hair loss. That’s what the field of trichology is all about—and one of the leading names in the field is Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, or CRLab. At Profiles by Kristin in Syracuse, New York, we are proud to offer personalized solutions developed by the CRLab experts.

CRLab trichology and scalp treatments include a spectrum of clinically formulated products, all designed to eliminate skin issues that impede hair growth. These all-natural products can help to prevent further hair loss and can even restore your follicles to normal productivity.

The important thing to understand about CRLab is that these products are not one-size-fits-all. There’s a full lineup of products that are made to address different issues, and the first step in the process is identifying the specific combination of trichology treatments that will help curb your hair loss.

That begins when you join us in our Syracuse, NY studio, and talk with us about your hair loss experience. Our experts will tailor a course of treatment that’s designed especially for you. We’ll give you a road map for regaining your full, healthy, natural head of hair—allowing you to look and feel like yourself again.

Havogen5 Anti-DHT Transdermal Patch

Havogen5 Trichology Anti-DHT Hair Loss Treatment Syracuse NYThe best way to address hair loss? Stopping it before it even starts. The Havogen5 Anti-DHT Transdermal patch allows you to do exactly that. When you start to notice signs of thinning hair, the use of a Havogen5 transdermal patch can curb those underlying factors and help you return to a full, healthy head of hair. We are proud to offer Havogen 5 products here at Profiles by Kristin in Syracuse NY.

How does the Havogen5 Patch work exactly? The Havogen 5 patch is small and discreet; nobody will even know you’re wearing it. More importantly, it’s natural and holistic, supplying your body with the extra nutrients it needs to stave off hair loss and to ensure the follicles are doing what they’re supposed to.

Havogen5 is designed by the world-renowned hair loss experts from Cesare Ragazzi; the product line also includes hair extensions and other solutions for men and women dealing with hair loss. We recommend Havogen 5 to anyone seeking an all-natural way to stop hair loss in its tracks!

Does that mean Havogen5 products are the right path for you? The only way to find out is to come meet with us in our Syracuse, New York studio for a private, one-on-one consultation.

Hair Support Hair Loss Treatment Program

Hair Support Products deliver a quality hair loss treatment program for men, women and children experiencing thinning hair or whose hair requires revitalization.

Today, many people struggle with hair loss from different causes. Hair Support offers hair loss treatment products to help fight pattern baldness as well as thinning hair in men, women and children by creating a healthy environment for your hair to grow.

Hair Support products cleanse blocked follicles and stimulate the scalp, increasing blood circulation for more healthy hair. This revitalizes the hair follicles and releases dormant hair – hair which has been trapped underneath the scalp by a build-up of oil and hair care products.