Doctor Recommended Low Level Laser Hair Loss Treatment to Restore Your Hair & Your Confidence.

Hair Regrowth Syracuse – Laser Light Therapy for Hair Loss

For men and women in Syracuse and Central New York suffering from hereditary, genetic thinning hair and pattern hair loss, low-level laser hair therapy reduces and stops the progression of hair loss and helps to stimulate healthy hair growth.

With consistent laser hair therapy treatments, low-level laser hair therapy thinning hair treatment has been clinically proven to stop hair fall, reduce hair loss, and stimulate fuller, thicker, more healthy-looking hair for men and women.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment at Home

Profiles by Kristin is excited to bring you the world’s most technologically advanced laser hair loss treatment therapy device that you can use in the privacy of your own home. The Theradome home laser hair therapy system provides biomedically designed FDA type cleared laser hair loss treatment, delivery maximum cool laser follicular and healthy scalp stimulation for hair rejuvenation. With no prescription necessary, the Theradome home laser hair loss treatment system provides maximum scalp coverage while delivering safe, effective hair loss treatment. Comfortable and easy to use, it can be used hands free to let you keep up with your busy schedule.

Clinical Laser Hair Loss Treatment Therapy

At Profiles by Kristin in Syracuse, NY, we also offer Clinical Laser Hair Therapy along with most of our Hair Loss Treatment Plans. Our Clinical Laser Hair Therapy program can be customized to your specific scalp and hair loss treatment needs to help promote hair regrowth and overall scalp health. Cool laser hair therapy treatment helps stimulate blood flow, supplies nourishment & oxygen to the hair bulb and can also prolong the Anagen phase of normal hair growth.

Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Loss

  • Thicker & More Manageable Hair
  • Reduced Hair Loss
  • New Hair Growth after 3-4 Months
  • Larger Hair Shafts
  • Improved Luster & More Body
  • Decreased Oiliness
  • Healthier Scalp
  • Reduced Scalp Itching & Inflammation
  • FDA Cleared

Laser Hair Therapy FAQ

Are there any potential Side Effects of using Laser Therapy?

There are no side effects from using either of our Laser Hair Therapy devices. This has been verified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our products have zero side effects, unlike other types of hair loss treatments on the market today.

Can I use Laser Therapy along with other Hair Loss Treatments?

Yes, adding Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to your current Hair Loss Treatment plan can increase the rate and quality your hair recovery.

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At Profiles by Kristin, clients receive one-on-one, personal attention, along with access to the widest range in hair restoration and hair loss treatment solutions that really work. If you are struggling with thinning hair – regardless of cause or hair type – we invite you to make an appointment to visit our Syracuse hair replacement studio and talk privately with our hair restoration specialists who can help you find the perfect hair restoration solution to meet your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Get your free hair and scalp analysis today and find your perfect hair solution.