Individually Customized Solutions for Medically Related Hair Loss for Men, Women, and Children.

Let us help you with your hair loss needs so you can focus on renewing your spirit and peace of mind!

Profiles By Kristin takes great pride in not only our work, expertise, and experience, but also in our reputation for exemplary client care and service. Consultations are confidential, and our styling rooms are private. We approach each of our clients with sensitivity and concern. Profiles staff always strives to bring our clients the very latest and greatest the Hair Replacement industry has to offer.

The best way to provide you with all your Hair Replacement options is for you to visit our studio. Therefore, we would like to extend an invitation to you for a complimentary confidential consultation. One of our experienced cosmetic image specialists will demonstrate to you our Hair Replacement Solutions and answer any questions you may have concerning your hair loss.

Profiles By Kristin offers you:

  • A complimentary consultation to explore all of your options, it’s strictly a confidential environment.
  • Each system is custom-cut, shaped, and styled to accentuate your features and lifestyle.
  • We help you decide on the perfect color and style that enhances your features
  • All of our services are performed in private styling rooms.
  • Many years of hands-on experience in Hair Replacement style and design.
  • The most natural, secure, comfortable, lightweight, part-anywhere systems available.
  • A variety of Hair Loss Treatment Products provide you with a healthy scalp environment and help with faster hair re-growth. (Refer to our Products page)

Will My insurance cover a medical hair loss wig or a full cranial prosthetic?

In most cases yes, your insurance will cover a medical wig. Just remember all insurance companies are different; some will cover a percentage, others will cover a dollar amount, and there will be some that cover the entire prosthetic. Each case is different depending on your insurance company. But don’t forget, a medical hair loss wig requires a doctor’s prescription for a “Full Cranial Prosthetic”. We do encourage you to set up your FREE consultation to go over this with you in more detail and to show you how to go about filing your claim.


Solutions for Children’s Hair Loss

My child is experiencing hair loss, can you help us?

A: Yes, Profiles By Kristin can help. Our caring staff understands that it can be devastating for a child who is losing their hair. The causes can range from underlying conditions such as Alopecia or Trichotillomania or those undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation. We can also help children that have suffered from burns or scarring. Children can become targets of teasing and ridicule by their peers and as a result, this can lead to low self-esteem and depression.

Here at Profiles, we have over 30 years of experience working with children with hair loss. We are confident that we will find a solution designed especially for your child so they will feel comfortable and confident again. We also hope that you as a parent will have peace of mind. There are a variety of options available for hair loss that may work for your child including; a cranial prosthetic, hair integration, extensions, or hair loss treatments.

Profiles is affiliated with several nationwide children’s programs that give us access to the highest quality hair additions available. We will determine which solution is best for you and your child in our comfortable and private setting. Please, don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns that you may have and set up your free consultation today!